Business & Investment Fraud Attorney San Diego

Stokes Legal aggressively represents individual and business clients misled in business transactions.  Our San Diego business and investment fraud attorneys zealously pursue cases to collect all monetary damages the client suffered or to rescind/cancel the transaction.

The most common examples of fraud lawsuits we handle are:

  • False Statements During Contract Negotiations.  People and businesses are often induced to sign a contract by what is represented during the negotiations.  Written and oral misrepresentations prior to or simultaneous with the execution of an agreement may give rise to a San Diego fraud lawsuit.
  • Omissions During Contract Negotiations. Just as one cannot lie during contract negotiations, they cannot omit important information.  If a person or business does not tell the other party something important about the transaction, such an omission may give rise to a fraud lawsuit in California.
  • Investment and Stock Fraud.  Businesses and individuals seeking investment and/or stock purchases must also be forthright in their dealings with investors and minority shareholders. Over and above general law, California has specific stock and securities fraud law to protect consumers and investors.

Fraud can often occur during the course of any business dealings: to name a few — real estate transactions, investments in start-up companies, stock purchases, and partnership agreements.  And, in addition to actual money damages or rescinding the agreement, injured individuals and business may also get punitive damages and their attorney fees from the other party.

Fraud Lawsuit Defense Attorneys

Our firm’s practice of regularly prosecuting fraud cases also enables us to successfully defend such accusations.  For example, the firm has successfully defended matters where other parties accused our clients of misleading or omitting information.  Often, and where necessary, the firm countersues the plaintiffs.

 Whether you are considering a lawsuit or being sued, acting quickly and preparation are the best ways to protect your interests. Detailed private and asset investigations are often required to successfully uncover the truth. And if the matter gets to litigation, a solid discovery plan and lawyers who know how best to get the information you need are crucial.  Reach out to the team of San Diego fraud lawyers at Stokes Legal.  For a free case evaluation contact us at 619-696-0017 for more information about our practice.