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Construction projects are highly complex arrangements often involving many different parties, including contractors, realtors, and business owners. With so many different hands in the pot, there is always the potential for disagreements and legal disputes. At Stokes Legal, our team of specialized San Diego construction litigation attorneys we represent engineers, architects, vendors, subcontractors, developers, owners, and other construction parties in the public and private sector.

Our comprehensive construction litigation services include claims disputes that arise throughout the time frame of a construction project. We understand that timeliness is a major concern for anyone involved in construction litigation, which is why our experienced lawyers focus on efficiency while maintaining the high level of quality our clients have come to trust. Our reputation for excellence in the legal industry has set our team apart when it comes to construction and other types of business legal matters.

Claims that we handle in the field of construction include:

  • Cost disputes. When cost negotiations go sour in the middle of a project, we use mediation and arbitration to help you settle your differences so you can get your project back on track with fair compensation and in avoiding any breach of contract.
  • Design errors. Architects and engineers who make mistakes are putting the rest of the project at risk. If the error was due to negligence, you may need to reconcile the dispute through legal action to fully address the role of multiple parties and come to a successful settlement.
  • Bidding mistakes, protests, and contract breaches. Immediately after the bidding process or even well into a project, we can help contractors, developers, and others investigate and address bidding issues that may take a project off track and end up unfairly costing one party.
  • Mechanic’s liens and payment issues. When subcontractors and other 3rd party workers are not compensated for their additions to a project, they can file a mechanic’s lien to recoup the money owed for the work.

Mechanic’s liens can be very complex matters, because the party that has not been paid may not only go after the general contractor, but the developer and other responsible parties. It does not matter where the money was lost; the 3rd party vendor or supplier has numerous options for securing compensation for work. Making matters even more complex, other parties may also decide to file a lawsuit to retrieve compensation for funding that was misappropriated during the project.

  • Defect claims. When a product manufacturer delivers a defective product, the results can be disastrous for a construction project. From faulty pipes to poor workmanship, defective construction claims can span across numerous industries and could be a problem at the time of construction or years down the line. We understand the product defect and construction laws in California, and we can help construction professionals resolve defective claims quickly and efficiently.
  • Other disputes. Other disputes our team commonly handles include delay and disruption claims, cost accountings claims, and surety matters. Partner with us to find a solution to these and similar litigation issues.

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As soon as you have reason to believe a dispute will not be easily resolved, you may want to reach out to an established San Diego  attorney to help you settle the dispute with minimal disruption to the overall construction project. At Stokes Legal, we focus on personal relationships with our clients and maintain a limited number of cases so we can focus all of our attention on business and construction litigation matters. To learn more about how our team can help you recoup losses and protect your rights, reach out to us today. We are prepared to help you address any construction claim issues in San Diego and throughout California. Contact us at 619-696-0017 for your free consultation today.