These testimonials are specific to the facts and circumstances of the particular case. They are for informational purposes only. They do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your prospective legal matter.

Excellent Job Provided in Defending Case

I want to commend you on the excellent job you provided in connection with the case against me. You were very prompt with emails and gave me details from the beginning to the end, also you were very instrumental in explaining everything to me in every step of the way. I would recommend you and your services wholeheartedly!


Professional and Well-Articulated Legal Work

I just wanted to thank you once again for your help. I wanted professional and well-articulated legal work and I’m so glad I found you. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending you to anybody who needs a lawyer in San Diego. I will not vacillate in contacting you again if my needs require. Your work was great.


Hard-Fighting Defamation Attorney

We really appreciate all you did for us in this long trial. Truly appreciate you both and all of your hard work! We are very thankful you guys fought so hard for our family!


Aggressive Fraud Attorney

You guys have done a great job and I am glad I chose you to represent my case. Thank you for your very aggressive and successful handling of my case.


Straightforward Business Litigator

The reason I picked you is because you say what’s on your mind. Thanks for the straightforward comments and I really mean it.


Very Knowledgeable & Kept Us Informed

While in the midst of purchasing a home the seller backed out 5 days before calling and refused mediation. I contacted Bonnie and she was able to help my husband and I through the legal process. The ordeal would have been much harder on our family if it had not been for Bonnie. She was very knowledgeable and kept us informed.


I Am Very Pleased

I am very pleased with the legal services provided by Bonnie. While my case was unfortunately very lengthy, Bonnie was there for me every step of the way during my civil case from the initial complaint to the closing of my case. I am pleased with the outcome and will certainly be using this firm for any possible future legal proceedings.


Very Happy With The Results

Bonnie Stokes was extremely helpful in resolving a situation. I’m very happy with the results she garnered. She is smart, direct and she follows through on what she says. She didn’t waste my time or money. I highly recommend her and will use her services again when needed.


A Real Lifesaver

We retained Stokes last year to help us protect the rules established for housing in our neighborhood (the so-called neighborhood CC&R agreement). It was truly a pleasure working with Bonnie Stokes and, even more important, she got results! In brief — in early 2018 a neighbor’s house had just sold to a real estate developer, who was tearing the previous house down and intended to build a very large structure on the property. This structure was clearly bigger and taller than the CC&Rs allowed, so we contacted Stokes and started working with Bonnie on the case. Over the next six months, she was able to stop the new construction (almost immediately!) and then reach a satisfactory settlement agreement with the other party (to build a different structure). Thank you Bonnie, you are a real lifesaver!


Experienced Breach of Contract Attorney

Bonnie Stokes and her team are experienced in the courtroom. Professional and personable, approachable with any and all questions regarding the law. Bonnie keeps the costs to a minimum and is always timely when responding to questions.

My case involved a breach of contract with former business partners in an LLC. My case took approximately 2 years to navigate through the court system. Bonnie kept me informed every step of the way. When Bonnie presented my case to the judge; he ruled in my favor.

If you want results and the best representation possible; give Bonnie and her team a call.


Skilled, Experienced, Responsive

I was referred to Bonnie by another attorney with whom I was working a different case. Some things that one should consider when seeking an attorney are competence, thoroughness, responsiveness, and of course budget. With these parameters in mind, your instinct should be your guide when you have your initial consultation about your case.

I am pleased to report that I had a very positive experience working with Bonnie from the beginning of my civil case to the end, and I am very satisfied with the outcome.
Competence to me is measured by really stepping back and evaluating the big picture in the beginning; i.e. cost benefit analysis, and risk/gain analysis, presenting it to the client in an honest way, and then maintaining momentum throughout the case once the decision is made to proceed into the depths of the judicial system. Having a skilled and experienced navigator to guide you through these complicated matters is crucial, and Bonnie seems to have a way of laying it out in a way that is easily understandable for those of us who may not be very familiar with legal proceedings.

In terms of thoroughness, Bonnie demonstrated a keen analytical ability by recognizing each course that the case could have taken as a result of the defendants actions/inactions. I would imagine that a competent attorney would be a decent chess player, as the mindset and strategy is similar.

As far as responsiveness, let’s face it.. attorney’s have more than one case that they are working at any given time. This can be problematic for the communication line in some, however Bonnie always made the time to communicate with me. This level of dedication is evident by the regularly received email correspondence at 1 or 2:AM pertaining to my suit. That to me signifies that while her workload may be tall, Bonnie always manages to find the time to keep her clients “in the know” about the proceedings of their case.
I am very satisfied with Bonnie’s ability to deliver solid results.

If you have been cheated or somehow wronged and are looking for a legal advocate who will fight for your justice and be there for you through every step of the way, look no further than Bonnie Stokes.